How To Set Minimum Order Amount And Quantity In WooCommerce

How To Set Minimum Order Amount And Quantity In WooCommerce

Setting up a minimum order amount and quantity can help you a lot, especially if you are selling your products at wholesale price.

Read this article to learn about how to add wholesale features in WooCommerce.

Setting up minimum order value or order quantities is a great idea if you want to increase your revenue.

Maybe you are running a wholesale website, then if you set minimum order quantities, you can always expect orders of a certain size or bigger.

You can also set a minimum order amount to expect orders of a certain amount or higher.

It also helps in your shipping side. For example, you can set a minimum order amount or order quantities, and when someone reaches that amount or quantities, you can offer free shipping.

You can also set a minimum order amount or quantities to get your products at wholesale pricing, otherwise normal price.

There are lots of other uses of setting up the minimum order amount or quantity for your WooCommerce website. So, let’s see how you can set it up on your WordPress website.

Set minimum amount and quantity in WooCommerce

By default, WooCommerce does not allow you to set a minimum order amount or minimum order quantity for your WooCommerce store.

To do that, you need to edit your function.php file and write some code for that feature. But it is more complicated than you are thinking. And if you are not familiar with coding, you can’t do that.

That’s why we are going to use a plugin called Wholesale Suite, which is a great wholesale plugin and also helps to add minimum order amount and quantity features to our website.

It also has a free version, so if you want, you can try it once. But my recommendation is to use their paid version, which comes with advanced features and good support.

Step – 1. Install and activate the plugin

First, we are going to install and activate the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin.

To do that, log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New and search for ‘WooCommerce Wholesale Suite’ and then install and activate the plugin.

Once you have purchased your plugin, you will get a license key, copy that key.

Next, go to Settings > WWS License and paste your copied license key.

woocommerce wholesale suite premium licence key active

After you have done it, you have successfully installed and activated your WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin.

So, let’s move forward to the next step, where we will set our minimum order amount and quantity.

Step – 2. Set minimum order amount and quantity

For doing that, simply go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the Wholesale Prices tab.

woocommerce wholesale suite wholesale prices tab

To set a minimum order quantity, simply enter the number you want in the Default Minimum Order Quantity field.

And for setting a minimum order amount, enter the value under the Default Minimum Order Subtotal field.

The next option asks you to apply both conditions (minimum order amount and quantity) or only a single condition.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite also allows you to set your minimum order amount and quantity based on different user roles, which is an amazing option.

woocommerce wholesale suite minimum order amount and quantity using wholesale role

Once you have done configuring it, click on the Save button to save all the changes.

The setup does not take much time, but it also helps you to generate lots of money for a long time. Since you are a wholesaler, your wholesale customers are much more likely to understand the need for minimum purchase amounts or quantities.

The main thing where you need to focus when setting up a minimum order amount or quantity is that it affects the way your shoppers interact and order from you.

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That’s it in this article. I hope it will help you a lot. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thanks!

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