OptinMonster Smart Tags: How To Use It For Dynamic Text Replacement

OptinMonster Smart Tags, How To Use It For Dynamic Text Replacement

If you are a blogger or business owner, then you know about OptinMonster, right? If you don’t know, don’t worry about it. I will show it all in detail. Here I will show you how you can use OptinMonster smart tags to dynamically replace your text.

OptinMonster is the most popular and advanced optin form building tool. It helps to create optin forms that can generate leads. It works with WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify all of that.

It is a drag-and-drop optin form builder, so you don’t need any coding knowledge to create an optin form.

OptinMonster starts with $9/month. But to use Smart Tags features, you need to buy their Pro or higher plan, which costs you around $29/month. OptinMonster also gives you a 14 days money-back guarantee.

Also, you can get access to OptinMonster University ($1,997 value) for free and a Campaign Setup ($297 value) for free of all their plans.

With OptinMonster University, you can access their library of expert courses, guides, video training, and ebooks.

And with Campaign Setup, you can design 1 Campaign with their conversion experts.

Now let’s talk about OptinMonster smart tags features which help to change your optin form’s text dynamically according to the user.

Basically, with their smart tags features, you can call your visitors by their name, Create dynamic content unique to each visitor based on the data (name, interests, previously purchased products, and so on) you’ve stored about them, etc.


According to studies by Jupiter Research and Annuitas Group, Brands that use personalization see significant increases in customer engagement, 20% more sales opportunities, and 18x more revenue.

How to use OptinMonster smart tags for dynamic text replacement?

Before we start make sure you already purchase OptinMonster. Once you have done, log in to your account and create your campaign.

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After creating your campaigns you need to choose the predefined smart tag for your campaigns. To do this, Select the { } curly brackets button on the text editor.

Once you select the { } curly brackets, It will automatically show you smart tags that you can use.

Once you have done it, save all the changes.

OptinMonster has also created a list of predefined smart tags which can help you to save your time. And here are those predefined smart tags:

Form Data Tags

  • {{form_name}}: The full name submitted in the name field
  • {{form_first_name}}: The first name submitted in the name field
  • {{form_last_name}}: The last name submitted in the name field if the last name was submitted
  • {{form_email}}: The email address submitted in the form
  • {{form_phone}}: The phone number submitted in the phone field

Date & Time Tags

  • {{day}}: The current day of the week
  • {{month}}: The current month (e.g. “January”)
  • {{year}}: The current year (e.g. “2019”)
  • {{date}}: The current date

Geographical Tags

  • {{city}}: The visitor’s city
  • {{state}}: The visitor’s current state if it exists
  • {{region}}: The visitor’s current region which would include states, provinces, etc.
  • {{region_code}}: The current region’s abbreviation (e.g. “CA” for “California”)
  • {{postal_code}}: The same as {{zip}}
  • {{zip}}: The visitor’s current zip code
  • {{country}}: The visitor’s current country
  • {{country_code}}: The current country’s abbreviation (e.g. “US” for “United States”)

Customer Journey Tags

  • {{page_url}}: The URL of the current page
  • {{referrer_url}}: The URL of the previous page
  • {{pages_visited}}: The number of pages the user has visited
  • {{time_on_site}}: The amount of time the user has spent on the site in milliseconds
  • {{visit_timestamp}}: The current timestamp
  • {{page_title}}: The title of the current page

Campaign Name Tags

  • {{campaign_name}}: The name of the current campaign

That’s all about how to use Smart tags in OptinMonster. Smart tags are the best ways to boost your revenue and sales using your campaigns.

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That’s it in this article. I hope this article helped you a lot. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your family and friends. And for any doubt feel free to comment in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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