How To Make A Perfect Registration Page For Wholesale Users In WordPress

How To Make A Perfect Registration Page For Wholesale Users In WordPress

So, you wanna make a registration page for wholesale users, right? Then, you don’t need to worry about it.

In this article, I will share with you how to make a perfect registration page for your wholesale users in WordPress.

Creating a registration page for your wholesale users is a great idea in 2021. It will help your wholesale users to understand what they need to register your wholesale program.

What types of content should you use on your wholesale registration page?

It is very important to clearly mention your requirements for joining your wholesale program. Here is a list of a few things which are the basic things for any registration page. We dive deeper into those topics, so keep patience.

What benefits they get: Yes, tell them what benefits they get if they joined your wholesale program.

Who is suitable for your program: Mention which types of peoples are the fit your wholesale program and which are not.

Motivate and show them social proof: Show them your social proof about which people are getting success through your business.

Create your wholesale registration page: Creating a wholesale registration page on WordPress is not easy. But please stay tuned for that, I will show you how you can do that with just a few simple clicks.

Create a terms and conditions and faqs section: It is very important to create terms and conditions for your wholesale program and also a faqs section where you can add a few questions and answers.

These are the few things that are which you need to add to your wholesale registration page. So, let’s move deeper on these steps.

Benefits they get from you

Telling your wholesale users about what benefits they get from you is a great way to make trust with you and your business. Be honest about what you tell them.

A wholesale business has lots of benefits. You can tell them what price they get for a single product if they buy a minimum amount of products. Also, tell them that the higher the number of products you buy, the lower cost you have to pay for each product.

Tell them when you and your team release your new products and when they open to buy for wholesalers.

Frequently Host webinars and teach your wholesale users how to sell and market a product. 

If you have any other ideas, just add them to your list and show them to your users.

Find the peoples who fit your business

You know what types of products you are selling. So, make sure you target those people who are interested to sell your products.

If you target those people who are not interested in selling your products, you can lose lots of money and time.

On your wholesale registration page, clearly mention what types of peoples are the best fit for your program.

Mentioning all the details can self eliminate many people and you can get fewer, but solid applications.

Motivate and show social proof

Noone can instantly make lots of money. So, tell your user to keep patience.

Show them case studies or success stories which helps them to motivate. Social proof is also very effective.

Tell them they are not alone. There are lots of users who joined your wholesale program and succeed in the field. If they try their best, they can have the same level of success as well.

Let’s move forward to our next point where I will show you how to create a wholesale registration page on WordPress.

Create your wholesale registration page

In WordPress, plugins like WooCommerce help you to create an eCommerce store for free. But by default, WooCommerce does not come with Wholesale features.

So, for that, you need to use a plugin called Wholesale Suite which helps us to create a wholesale store on WordPress. It also helps to create a registration page for wholesale users.

Wholesale Suite comes with Paid along with a Free version. But to get more advanced features, I highly recommend you to go with their paid plan.

Read this article about how to start a wholesale business if you don’t know how to start a wholesale business on WordPress.

Create a terms and conditions and faqs section

Terms and conditions are very important, especially for a wholesale registration form.

Once someone fills your form you can tell them to accept your terms and conditions and move forward.

On your terms and conditions page, mention every individual step, timeframes, what they need to provide, whether they need to conduct an interview call with you, etc.

After someone successfully filled your form you can send them the terms and conditions page as a pdf file, so they can make a copy of it.

Now come to FAQs. FAQs are a great way to answer all the questions which your users asked several times.

Also, put your contact page link on your wholesale registration page. So, if your users don’t find their answer, they can directly contact you through your contact page.

Thanks for reading. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and family. And for any question, comment in the comment section below.

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