How To Create A Blog With GreenGeeks (A Step By Step Guide)

How To Create A Blog With GreenGeeks

Creating a blog in 2021 is a great idea. And you just need a few minutes to start your blog.

The main thing which is needed to start a blog is a domain name and a hosting.

A domain name is the name of your blog just like It is a unique name that can be used to find your blog.

You can choose your domain name according to your niche. If you create a beauty-related blog, you can choose your domain name related to beauty.

A domain name costs you around $9-$10/year. But here I also show you how you can get your domain name for free.

The next important thing which is important for a blog is hosting. Hosting is the house of your blog. All of your files, images, etc are stored in a hosting.

So, choosing good hosting is very important. That’s why I will suggest you go with GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is one of the best web hosting providers out there. One of their unique features is they are an eco-friendly hosting company.

Not only that, but GreenGeeks also offers affordable hosting. They start their shared hosting plans from $2.49/month and go up to $8.95/month.

And all of their hosting plans come with free SSL, free CDN, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage.

GreenGeeks also have great support. They offer 24/7 live chat, email, and as well as phone support. And the cool thing is they provide a free domain in all of their shared hosting plan. So, if you are a beginner it could be the best choice for you.

That being said. Let’s see how you can create a blog with GreenGeeks.

Step – 1. Buy your hosting

First, you need to buy your hosting. So, visit GreenGeeks and select your plan.

GreenGeeks shared hosting plans

If you are a beginner and want to save some money go with their Lite and for advanced users, my recommendation is to go with their Premium plan.

Step – 2. Choose a domain name

After selecting your plan, GreenGeeks will ask you to choose a domain name for your website.

GreenGeeks setup domain name

Enter the domain name which you want to name your blog. It is free so don’t worry about paying for it.

If you already purchased a domain name from a different website, you can also use it by choosing the second option. Once you have done, click the NEXT button to proceed.

Step – 3. Fill your account information

Next, you need to fill your account information like Name, Email, Postal Code, Address, etc.

GreenGeeks enter account information

Fill all the details carefully and move forward to the next step.

Step – 4. Create your blog

Here you will see four different options: Start New Website, Migrate Website, Starter Site, and Skip This.

GreenGeeks start a new website widget

You want to start your blog, so choose the option called Start New Website.

Step – 5. Select your App

In this step, select WordPress as your app because we are going to create our blog on WordPress.

GreenGeeks select your app widget

If you want to create an eCommerce store and want to install the WooCommerce plugin, then select the second one which adds WooCommerce on your website with WordPress.

After selecting that, hit the CONTINUE button which takes you to the next step.

Step – 6. Pick your theme

It’s time to pick a theme for your blog. You can choose any of these eight themes.

GreenGeeks pick a theme page

If you don’t like these themes, don’t worry about that. You can change your theme after your WordPress setup is completed.

Step – 7. Choose your plugins

We are in our last step, in this step GreenGeeks ask you to choose plugins for your blog.

GreenGeeks select plugins widget

There are five plugins available. Select the plugin you want to use on your blog. If you want you can also deselect all of them.

But GreenGeeks will install two plugins on your site, one is LightSpeed and another one is LSCache. These plugins help your site to load faster.

GreenGeeks LightSpeed LSCache widget

In the end, click the CREATE MY WEBSITE button to finish your work. It will take a few seconds to complete your request.

GreenGeeks your website is ready

Now you have successfully created your blog with GreenGeeks.

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Thanks for reading. Appreciate me by sharing this post with your family and friends. If you face any issue related to this article, comment in the comment section below.

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